Pastor Appreciation

“Especially they who labor in word and doctrine”

This passage is found in I Timothy 5:17 in reference to pastors. October has been designated Pastor Appreciation month by someone; maybe a church member who was appreciative of their pastor or a pastor who wanted to be appreciated. I want to offer my thoughts on what a pastor ought to be and how he would feel appreciated.

P – He ought to be a preacher. Romans 10:14: “how shall they hear
without a preacher?” One who proclaims the principles and
precepts of the Word of God.

A – He is an advocate. I John 2:1, “We have an advocate with the
Father.” As Jesus pleads for us the pastor pleads for his sheep.

S – He is a servant. II Timothy 2:24, “the servant of the Lord.” Not
to strive, to be gentle, apt to teach, patient, instructing.

T – He is a teacher. Ephesians 4:11, “some pastors and teachers.”
A qualification for a pastor is, “Apt, {skilled} to teach.”

O – He is an Overseer. Acts 20:28, “the Holy Ghost hath made you
Overseers, to feed the church of God.” To preach the Word.

R – He is a rudder. Acts 27:40, “loosed the rudder bands.” As the
rudder guides the ship, so must the pastor guide the church.

There is but one requirement for church members, I Corinthians 4:2, “that a man be found faithful.” To show the greatest appreciation for your pastor is to fulfill the requirement for a steward; be faithful to the preaching of the Word of God. As he studies and prays to fulfill his call of God, show your appreciation by being faithful to come and hear what God has given him for you. The greatest appreciation a pastor can receive is for the congregation to be faithful to come to church.