We Should Not Be Discouraged
II Corinthians 1:3-4

Discouragement is no respecter of persons. Most Christians are not nearly as persecuted as they are discouraged about some happening in their life. The key word in this passage is “comfort”; it means encourage. The question raised is, how can we have victory in our lives as the apostle Paul? The answer is understanding what the apostle Paul had learned about how to live a victorious life. God and the things of God must be the heartbeat of your life.

Paul had learned who God is. He is the God of circumstances. Whatever He has allowed into your life it is there for your benefit and not discouragement. The ultimate goal is that your life might bring glory to His name and in so doing will bring good into your life. He is our Father; we are His children. He is concerned about every area of our lives for Him. He is the God of all “encouragement.” We should not be discouraged because of what He is to us; the God of all comfort.

What God does in your life is by divine appointment and design. He allows trials and problems for our spiritual growth. Luck and accident are two things that never come into the Christian life. He is in control; leading, guiding, enabling, and orchestrating the events of your life. Whatever is happening in your life is an opportunity for you to grow in grace and faith and knowledge of Him. These are the things that He does for you.

God works in us that He might work through us. Your trials and aggravations are for growth and learning so that you will be able to help others in their Christian growth. Your reaction to trials and difficulties are always witnessed by someone in the positive or the negative. You are an example to someone. Whatever God is doing in your life is for your good and His glory so that you might grow in grace and faith and be a blessing and help to someone else.

There are three reasons that we should not be discouraged. Because of what He is to you; your Father, what He is doing for you; allowing you to grow in Him, and what He is doing through you so that you may be able to help others in their Christian walk.