The Seven Wounds of Christ

His feet were wounded because He was to turn the wandering back to God.

His dear head was crowned with thorns until the blood trickled down His face, so that sinner’s minds might be cleansed from all evil thoughts.

His back was wounded that the load of sin might be lifted from the drooping shoulders of the human race.

His blessed side was pierced in order that the blood and water might flow out, making a way for man’s wicked heart to be cleansed from all sin; outward and inward.

Think of the nails driven through the hands which were always raised in blessing for a lost and ruined world. Those dear hands blessed every person who would receive a blessing.

Think of the beautiful brow pierced with thorns until Jesus’ hair was all matted with blood.

Think of the lash that was laid on Jesus’ quivering back until the blood flowed to the ground.

Think of a poor sinner loaded with a long life of sin and wickedness and all stooped over under the load that has crushed out every good desire and every ray of hope.

Then realize that all of man’s guilt and sin were laid on the Son of God until He staggered under the load. Until Jesus suffered, that howling mob of sinners was dependent on only the mercy of the devil.

It took all the suffering Jesus went through to redeem a lost world and make it possible for a man to be prepared for heaven and qualified to keep company with God. God can take into heaven only blood-washed sons and daughters of Adam’s fallen race.

The thoughts of a great preacher, Bro. Paul Moore