Be Filled With the Spirit

“Be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit.” Ephesians 5:18

The Apostle Paul penned these words with the intent of every Christian knowing and being filled with the fullness of the Holy Ghost. The fullness of the Spirit can be illustrated in many different ways; however, there are certain phenomena in nature that illustrate the soul with and without the Holy Spirit.

A piece of iron is dark and cold until put into the furnace of fire. It can become intensely hot without much change of appearance. But if left there and allowed to become hotter, it will come to appear as solid fire. At this degree everything it touches begins to burn as well and so with the believer that gives himself to Christ Jesus. He will change every life his life touches.

Water without heat is but liquid. Brought to lower levels of cold it will turn to ice; solid and brittle. Gently warmed again it will begin to flow and more heat will cause it to rise into the sky. What a phenomenon.

A pipe organ filled with ordinary air is but an object; but the touch of the player can cause the air to be filled with melodious sound that would warm and entertain the heart and soul.

The believer that is willing to give his all to Christ Jesus, to allow Him to fill him and change him, fill him with the fire of God and water of His word and the fullness of His knowledge; that individual will affect every other individual they come in contact with. In so doing they will fulfill the mandate from God “to go ye into all the world and teach them.”

O’ that once again we would want, desire and seek after the fullness of the Holy Ghost for the purpose of winning men to God in saving grace. O’ that the fire of God would fall and we would know the fullness of the Spirit in changing lives.