How to Limit God in Our Lives – Psalms 78:41

We know that God is all-knowing and all-powerful and has no limits in His being. He cannot be measured or bound. He is immutable (unchanging over time) and cannot and will not change. He has always “been” and will always “be.” These things being true how can the scriptures say, “they turned back and tempted God and limited the Holy one of Israel.”

God in Himself is not limited, but man in his unwillingness to trust and obey, limits what God can do in our lives.

Note: Psalms 78:7-11
We are to put our hope in God, when we do not we limit God. V.7
When we forget the works of God, we limit Him in our lives. V.7
When we fail to keep His commandments, we limit Him. V.7
When we are stubborn, we limit what God can do in our lives. V.8
When we rebel against the will of God, we limit Him in our lives. V.8
When we “set not our hearts aright” and refuse to confess sin. V.8
When we do not have a Spirit steadfast with God. V.8
When we turn back in the day of battle, quit. V.9
When we refuse to keep the covenants of God. V.10
When we refuse to walk in His law. V.10
Is there something in your life that is limiting God as to what He can do with you and for you? Don’t limit the Holy One of Israel; confess that sin and give Him free course in your life.

Bro. Bill Forde