“And she brought forth her first born son, and wrapped Him in swaddling clothes, and laid Him in a manger.”

We are about to enter into the so called Christmas season. The stores already have Christmas decorations up and are getting ready for the onrush of Christmas customers. This is an every year occurrence and gets bigger every year. It has now come to the place where the purpose for celebration is no longer considered. It is not even called Christmas anymore. It is now the “Holiday Season.” Our society does not celebrate the birth of Christ but uses that which God has given, Jesus our Lord, for the purpose of financial gain. Christ Jesus has been totally omitted.

There are folks today who claim to be Christians, claim to be saved and claim to know God in the person of Jesus but live as though He does not exist. They forsake His church, His people, His Bible and they do not obey His word and then wonder why Christ is not in Christmas. Christmas should be and will be about Christ Jesus in the hearts and lives of those who have a relationship with Him.

It should not and does not take a certain time of the year to celebrate Christ Jesus. We ought to be in celebration of our Lord and Savior constantly, daily, all the time; not just some of the time and not just at Christmas time along with the world.

I do not believe we ought to allow the world and those in the world to rob us Christians of the joy of Christmas and the remembrance of the virgin birth. Christmas is a celebration and a rejoicing in that God has provided for mankind a Savior. One who was born in the flesh and dwelt among us and went to the cross of Calvary and paid our sin debt.

Before we begin to shop for Christmas we ought to ask ourselves if we are honoring God in what we are doing or just going along with the world.

– Bro. Forde