A little space for Grace

Before Bro. Vester Arnold passed away, Mrs. Peggy and I were asked to lunch with Him and his wife and a dear brother that we have known for many, many years, Bro. Frank Shiver. In the course of the fellowship I mentioned, concerning the just-past presidential election, that I believe that God is giving us, the church, a space of repentance. Brother Frank agreed and called my attention to the Old Testament book of .

“And now for a little space of Grace”; this meaning a time before the coming of the Lord for the church to get right with God. John tells us in what is wrong and what we are to do.

Firstly, we are told that we, the church, is wretched, miserable, poor, blind and naked. Then we are told what to do about this condition. We are to buy “gold tried with fire”. This is a reference to the Word of God. “White raiment” refers to righteousness, “eye salve” to the Holy Ghost. He gives light and sight. These three things come only by a surrendered life of repentance.

The church, our church, is neither hot nor cold, but lukewarm. A church of lukewarm Christians makes God sick and He says I will “spew thee out of my mouth.” This means we make Him want to vomit because we are not hot or cold but somewhere in the middle.

If we as true believers continue in this way of the apostate church, depending on our health, wealth, and great abilities and not on the Holy Ghost leadership of repentance, Christ will rebuke and chasten.

Hence, we have been given a “space of Grace.” This is the time to examine ourselves {} as to whether we are in the faith. This is a time to examine our standing with God and see if we come up lacking. Have we become cold and indifferent about the things of God or are we just muddling through?

Peter took it a step further and said, “Make your calling and election sure.” {} Maybe we need to take another look at our salvation experience and see if we are sure.

– Bro. Bill Forde