Sinners in the hands of an angry God

; “their foot shall slide in due time”

This is the title of the most famous Jonathan Edwards message. It is said that while he preached, sinners would fall on their faces begging God for mercy. They would hold on to anything near to keep from falling into the fires of hell.

Jonathan Edwards was a scholar and evangelist who influenced America in the early days of this country. He was small in stature and had bad eyesight. It was told that he would read his sermons, but oh, the power of God was upon him to preach the gospel. Would it not be a wonderful thing for God in these last days to raise up a generation of men, women, boys and girls that yearned for the power of God. It is interesting that Jonathan Edwards was voted out of his first pastorate for preaching against dancing and lost people taking the Lord’s Table. This man was truly one of the giants of the cross of Christ.

March 22, 1758, is the date of the death of Jonathan Edwards. He was born on October 5, 1703. Even though he was small in stature and could not see well and lived a very short life, his life counted for God. Oh, that God would one more time lay His hand on a church and a people starving for the power, presence and anointing.

Pray today for Bible preaching Pastors and Bible believing Churches across this land. There are still many who believe the truth and stand for it. Pray for Grace Baptist Church, that we would always stand for the truth of the Word of God and preach it without apology or compromise.

Pray that God would lay His hand on you for His glory.

– Bro. Bill Forde