The Be-Attitudes of the Devil
Blessed are those who are too tired, too busy, too distracted to spend an hour at church.
Blessed are those who wait to be asked and expect to be thanked.
Blessed are the touchy; they are my missionaries.
Blessed are the troublemakers; they are called my children.
Blessed are the complainers; they are music to my ears.
Blessed are those who look for preachers mistakes.
Blessed is the church member who expects to be invited to come.
Blessed are those who gossip; they cause strife and division.
Blessed are the easily offended; they will soon quit.
Blessed are those who do not tithe; I get to use their money.
These thoughts came from a preacher friend of mine.

The messages on Sunday morning for the past several weeks have been centered on the works of Satan. He is a liar, murderer and master of deceit. He has the ability to deceive the believer into thoughts of his being mistreated by the church and its members. If we listen, he can cause us to center our thoughts on self, me and mine.

This is a sure sign of our failure to pray, study, witness and trust the Lord. It is not about us; it is about Him, what He has done, is doing and going to do not only in our lives but of those around us as well. When we take our eyes off Jesus we put them on ourselves and allow Satan to rob us of our relationship with the Saviour and our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Be aware my brothers and sisters; we have an adversary the devil walking about seeking whom he may devour.
– Bro. Bill Forde