“In the beginning God, {Elohim}.” The strong creator God.

The question of creation or evolution has long been argued by many who do not believe the Bible account of creation. If anyone has a question concerning the creation account of the Bible they will have more questions about the rest of the Bible. If someone cannot believe in their heart that God, Elohim, the strong creator God is the creator of this world and entire universe, how could they in any way receive the Bible account of the death, burial and resurrection of the Saviour? It is an impossibility.

They could never understand how God could forgive sin and save the souls of men. They would and do live in doubt and frustration with no hope of eternal life with the Saviour.

If when someone looks at the sky, the clouds, the mountains, the streams, the valleys green with vegetation, the rain, the snow and the sunshine and not see the hand of God, it is beyond me. I do believe that if I can attribute all of these things to Elohim, the strong creator God, it is a very small step to believe that He gave His only begotten Son to pay my sin debt.

I thank God I am secure in my belief that God is the creator God and as well the God that gave His son to save my soul. I thank God that I have no problem believing that He set the stars in place, created the light with His spoken word and set the earth in orbit and did it all with perfect precision so it would continually receive heat and light and make provision for mankind.

Not only all of these things but put within me a perfect heart of purity crying out for a closer relationship with Him and with an understanding of His will for me is His perfect plan for my life.

Yes, I without reservation believe He is the strong creator God. Thank you, Elohim for being the strong creator God for me.

– Bro. Bill Forde