In the Beginning God

“In the beginning God” – These are the first words of the Bible. These words make clear that there is a God and that He was in the beginning and that He is the creator of all and everything including man. Many in churches would agree with this without hesitation. The question that is raised in my mind is – If this is truth, and it is, why do so many who name the name of Jesus live like there is no God and they are not responsible to Him?

I believe there is a very good reason for this. Those who live believing that God is, and that they will stand before Him in judgment, have come to a saving knowledge of Him. In other words, they have received the Lord Jesus into their hearts and lives and have no difficulty embracing Him as Biblical truth.

Our society, namely the news media, our government, politicians and so called theologians, have cheapened the things of God to the point that many believe that God is the God of everyone and that we are all God’s children and no matter how we have lived when we die we will go to heaven. This is a falsehood right out of hell.

For an individual to go to heaven when they die they must have had at sometime in their life an encounter with God revealing to them their lost condition and needing a life changing salvation experience. You must be born again Jesus told Nicodemus in . The Word of God is clear. In order for God to be your God and to go to heaven when you die, you must be born again.

There are many who know about God from the news media, from society and from traditions passed down from generation to generation, but they do not know Him in saving grace. Churches in America are filled with unconverted souls believing in a falsehood of God.

My question is do you have a heart knowledge {} of the Lord Jesus Christ by having received Him as your Saviour? Have you been born again of the Spirit of God and He is your life? If not, “In the beginning God” means absolutely nothing to you.

– Bro. Bill Forde