Encouragement – II Corinthians

Most Christians would have you to believe that they experience great suffering for their devoted service and sacrifice. This is not the case. Honest Christians do experience discouragement and disappointment in their lives, but not nearly as much as many would have you to believe. There seems to be something spiritual about being able to say, “Things are really bad, but God is blessing.”

Discouragement is no respecter of persons. It does seem sometimes that the higher you climb, the further you fall. It should not surprise us that Paul was, “pressed out of measure” (v8) and “despaired for his life”, meaning to be without hope. Paul was discouraged. He could have gotten out of this but for two things; the call of God on his life and his concern for the people. CFv1 (the will of God, with all the saints) CF

Paul had started this church. () He had sent Timothy to deal with the problems. () They grew worse and had to be confronted. () Trouble and troublemakers must be confronted and sin must be dealt with. It will not just go away because you ignore it. God does not ignore your sin. He deals with you concerning it. Paul writes a very severe letter (; ) finally a solution comes and then came II Corinthians. Paul deals with three things primarily here.
He encourages the Church to have a forgiving heart. (2:6-11)
He explains his change of plans. (1:15-22)
He encourages them to help with the offering for the saints in Judea. (Chapters 8 & 9)
The key word is, “comfort” meaning “to encourage”. (Greek; call to ones side to help. It is used twenty-nine times. How could Paul have victory with all of his problems? Paul’s heartbeat was for God and ours should be too.

– Bro. Bill Forde