A Quest for Refuge

David is looking to God for refuge (help and deliverance) in a time of great trouble. He was probably in the Cave of Adullam hiding from Saul as recorded in I Samuel 22.

He pleads his case before the Lord with great sincerity of heart and soul believing that God is his only hope. David makes three requests of the Lord and then gives three reasons for his requests.

Attend unto my cry: Give my request your attention.
Deliver me from my persecutors: Answer my prayer.
Bring my soul out of this cave: Give me victory.
I am brought very low: This is a bad situation.
My enemies are stronger than I: I cannot win.
That I may praise your name: For deliverance.
We are sometimes overwhelmed with troubles and sometimes it seems there is no help or hope of deliverance. These are the times we should look to the Lord for refuge. We should always, no matter the trouble, look to the Lord for refuge.

We are soon to be faced with some troublesome times as we draw closer to the coming of the Lord. We ought to begin now to prepare for what is coming by crying out unto our Lord for strength and help. It is not going to be long before these cries of David are going to be our cries.

Thank God we have a way of escape; the promise of God for deliverance and refuge in the time of trouble, as did David.

– Bro. Forde