Today is homecoming. It is a time of excitement and looking forward to hopefully seeing some old faces and some new. We look forward to the time of singing and preaching and fellowship around the tables of food. God affords us some good things on this side for which we ought to be most grateful. These times are a little of what God has prepared for us in glory. There are many this past week that have prayed, made phone calls, visited and invited folks to come to the homecoming services. Thank God for those who are concerned about the church and the church family.

If somebody from Grace Baptist called you or invited you to church today, you ought to thank God for that person’s concern for you. The concern is not that you might come to church and be counted among the great number, but that you might hear the gospel and be saved if you are not saved, and if you are saved, that you might be encouraged in your relationship with Christ Jesus.

These times of fellowship are very important and every effort possible to come and be with God’s people should be exercised. Jesus said, “I go to prepare a place for you.” . One day soon we are going to our heavenly home. What a homecoming that is going to be! That gathering of God’s people will be like nothing we have every witnessed on this side, I can assure you.

We ought to be excited about homecoming or any other gathering we have at church; even Sunday morning, Sunday night and Wednesday night. We ought to be excited about Church and what God is doing, but we ought to be more excited about what He has done. He has made provision for us to be saved and to know that we have eternal life. We ought to be excited everyday because our sins are forgiven. We ought to be excited because we have a heavenly home, we have eternal life in Christ Jesus, we have a heavenly Father, we have a gospel to preach, we have a truth that works, and we have confidence of His soon coming for us in the rapture of the Church.

I hope we all have a great time in the Lord today and that God would bring to our minds all of the great provisions He has made for us on this side. May God richly bless homecoming is our prayer.

Bro. Bill Forde