Mother’s Day

is one of the seven sayings from the cross. Jesus calls His mother “woman;” meaning she is no longer to see Him as her Son but her Saviour. In accordance with , He was obedient in His provision for His mother. We are to honor our father and our mother. This is the only commandment with promise – that being long life.

A friend of mine and me were recently taken back to the days of our youth and reminded of some of the great blessings of that time. It was a time when children had respect for their parents, obeyed their parents, supported their parents and loved their parents. I have seen many young people of today who need to learn the very important lesson of these very important principles of life. They have never considered that they had no choice in the selection of their parents; that was God’s choice for you. No matter what you think of your parents they were the ones God singled out and chose just for you.

I think it a good thing that the second Sunday of May has been set aside to be called “Mother’s Day.” This is not only a time of recognizing our mothers but as well offering our thanksgiving to God for her. She was willing to go down into the valley of death to bring you into this world, give you life and give the most part of her life tending to you. The Word of God likens her to the Holy Ghost in that she is the teacher and motivator for the most important part of your life – your youth. Mother’s have great influence on their children in teaching them the principles and precepts of life and the good Word of God. The Word of God says “Thy mother is like a vine in thy blood.” Many times it is from mother that children first hear about the Lord Jesus and learn the words to Jesus Loves Me. It is as well that mother is the first to deal with the child about their salvation.

What a great honor has been given to mother’s to be chosen of God to lead and guide their family and to be the one who first tells them of the Lord Jesus Christ. Thank God for Godly Mother’s.

Bro. Bill Forde