Oh how Wonderful and Gracious is our Lord! If we can encourage you in anything, let it be this: Continue or start serving God with all that you are and have. He will never fail you and He will always fulfill His promises to you. No matter what He calls upon you to do, do it with a grateful heart. He will never leave you or forsake you. Tell those you come in contact with how very loving He is. Tell them what He has done for you. We are eternally grateful for what He had done in and through our lives and He has used an integral part of your local church ministry, that is, of your giving and praying, to benefit ours and other missionary’s lives around the world. Over the years, many have asked us to say thank you for making it possible for them to hear the gospel. Of a truth, you have prayed and do pray for us. You have given through your church to send and to keep us on the mission field to be a witness of His Amazing Grace. Christ gave Himself, His life’s blood, so each of us could know His Father and spend eternity with Himself.

He is our God.

May God protect you, guide and use you to the fullest. He is the faithful and true and He asks for us to be faithful, too.

For His Glory,
Bro. Bill and Sis. Marg Horton
Missionaries to Southwestern Brazil

What a Great Challenge from a Great Missionary.

-Bro. Forde