Thank you Lord for America

It does appear that there are many today that want what America has to offer, freedom and prosperity, but without thanksgiving. The following was written by Bro. Harry Todd, the father of a dear friend of ours, Bro. Larry Todd.

Thank you Lord for America
And for those who fought to keep her free
And for those who gave their life
So we could enjoy this liberty.

Thank you Lord for your grace
And for your protecting hand
To spare us the horrors of war
That’s in our neighboring land.

Thank you Lord for your word
That you’ve blessed us with today
And for those faithful pastors
That still preach the old-time way.

Help me never to take for granted
The blessings that come my way
But to thank you Lord for America
And your blessings to me each day.

I’m proud to be an American
A land I love so dear
Thank you dear heavenly Father
For allowing me to be born here.

Thank God for those few who still believe the Word of God and are willing to stand up and say so. We still have some religious liberties left in this country and thank God for them; but if we, God’s people, do not begin once again to love and appreciate what God has done for us in America we are going to lose our God-given rights to worship and live as free people.

We need to remind ourselves often of the great blessings we have in being able to gather in the house of God and sit under the preaching and teaching of God’s Word and worship Him.

God help us to ever be grateful for His rich and good blessings.
– Bill Forde