The characteristics of a real Christian are:
He is a child in relationship.
He is a disciple in knowledge – a learner sitting at the feet of Jesus.
He is a friend in fellowship – a friend is one who knows all about you and loves you still.
He is a saint in character.
He is a soldier in conflict.
He is a pilgrim in progress – never camping two nights in the same place.
He is a missionary in spirit – reaching out to the whole world.
He is an heir in prospects – the prospects of a Christian are glorious.
The disciples were first called Christians at Antioch.

A lesson on by Dr. A. O. Hendricks

Dr. Roy L. Smith said, “Christianity is not a cheap religion.” And indeed could not be. Jesus Christ Himself died upon the cross to start it. Every one of His disciples died a martyr for preaching it. St. Paul went to his death defending it. Thousands of martyrs through a dozen centuries went to the stake or faced lions on bloody sands to preserve it. Heroic souls sailed uncharted seas, engaged in desperate struggles with the savages and wilderness to keep it pure. Brave pioneers gave lavishly from their scanty store to perpetuate it, and then who are we to complain that a tithe of our income is unreasonable?

If, I might add, to be faithful to Church.

-Bill Forde