Well Done Thou Good and Faithful Servant

This is part of the passage found in and 23. It appears that the Lord is congratulating those servants who have done well with that which God had given them. He says some things here that I would surely like to hear one day. He first says “Well done” meaning the race run for Jesus has been a good one and the servant has finished well. Then He praises the servant by saying to him that he is a good and faithful servant. This means that this servant did that which was good in his life and he was as well faithful in doing those good things. He ran the race, he kept the faith and finished well.

For us to hear from the Lord, “well done thou good and faithful servant” we too will have to run the race and keep the faith. That means a lifetime of trusting and believing God in every area of our lives. The one requirement for a steward {one who has been given something that belongs to another for safe keeping} is that one be faithful. – “Moreover it is required in stewards that a man be found faithful.”

I want to finish well. Not like those Bible characters that were given a great task and did it but did not finish well. Adam did not finish well; he was banished from the garden. Noah did not finish well; he got drunk and sinned against God. Moses did not finish well; God told him to speak to the rock but he struck the rock and it cost him entrance into the Promised Land. Abraham failed in his not trusting God for the promised child. There are a number of failures at the end of their lives in the Old Testament. However, it is different in the New Testament. All of the disciples finished well; they lost their lives but won the race. Stephen finished well. Barnabas finished well. Timothy finished well. Titus finished well. Philemon finished well and the apostle Paul finished well. Wonder why they all finished well. I wonder if it was because they had the indwelling of the Holy Ghost to lead, guide and direct them. Paul told the church at Corinth in chapter 6 and verse 19, “know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you.”

If we plan to hear “Well done thou good and faithful servant” it is going to be because we listened and obeyed God’s Word as He speaks to us and leads and guides us by the indwelling Spirit of God. Are you being led of the Spirit and obeying the Word?

– Bill Forde