The Good Shepherd giveth His life for the Sheep

This statement is found in the gospel of John, chapter ten and verse eleven. It seems that humankind is not too interested in giving but in taking. What do I get? What will I gain for my effort? Our thoughts are of things; material, money, houses and land. Will I have enough to retire on? I am glad this was not the consideration of God when it came to my soul. He gave His only begotten Son and His only begotten Son was willing to give His life for this lost sheep.

Man gave Jesus up for thirty pieces of silver. Man gave Him a sentence of death and cried crucify Him, crucify Him. Man refused and rejected Him but He was willing to lay down His life for us lost sheep. It is evident that man wants no part of God but God so loved man, His creation, that He made provision for Him by giving His Son the Lord Jesus Christ on the cruel cross to die for our sins.

He gave us His life; He shed His blood, His precious cleansing blood. Some have trouble getting to His house to worship Him, yet He died for them too. He gave His life willingly and knowingly, that we were and still are sinners and need a Saviour.

He gave His flesh for our provision, not only our Spiritual provision but our physical provision as well. He said I will supply all your need; physical and Spiritual. Not only that, but He gives us peace in our hearts about our relationship with Him. He gives us assurance that we are saved and safe in the hands of the Lord.

He has given us and example to follow in Himself that we might enjoy the great blessing of God on our lives. He has done everything that is necessary for man to have everything necessary to enjoy the Christ life to the fullest.

He has also given us His word on His promises in the most precious Word of God. He has also promised us in His Word that we have a home in heaven for all eternity. It seems He has done much for us, but what have we done for Him?

What does He expect from us? Our devotion, loyalty, love and faithfulness to His great cause of reaching the lost.

Great sacrifice has been made for us. What sacrifice have you made for Him? What do you give in comparison with His giving His life for us lost sheep?
– Bill Forde