Accepted or Received
O taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in Him.”

I come in contact with people almost daily that tell me they have accepted the Lord as their Saviour. This would be a good thing apart from their lifestyle. They do not give evidence in their life that they have been washed in the blood. They give little to no evidence of Bible knowledge. They do not attend God’s church. If called on to pray, they would be devastated. They have not given support to a local church with their time, talent or money; but yet profess to be a Christian.

I think not. This type of people has been deceived by the satanic forces of the world into believing that the precious salvation produced by the precious blood of Jesus on the cross of Calvary is cheap. They view God as being obligated to them. They do accept God and Christ Jesus but it is evident they have not received Him into their life as their Saviour.

We accept many things in this life, but until we have actually put them into practice we have not received them. I accept the fact that the ocean is water but when I taste it I realize it is salt water and will not quench my thirst. I do not know that until I receive it unto myself.

There is a teaching practiced by many preachers, personal workers and churches that by saying some words and accepting Christ they are saved. This is not the truth. Men are not saved until they have received Him into their hearts and their lives. Once they have tasted that the Lord is good, then and only then, will they trust Him by faith.

Have you accepted that there is water in the bottle or have you tasted it and know that there is water in the bottle?
Bro. Forde