The Last Days
Paul tells us that in the last days perilous {grievous} times will come. There are two things here. One, those last days have arrived and secondly, they are perilous. It is a sad situation when we hear more about what Satan is doing in the world than what God is doing in the church. It is not unusual at all anymore to hear of killings of young people right here in our area. Not only are they being caught for shootings but as well for burglary, drugs, porn and most any kind of wickedness you can think of. These things are not limited to just the young. It is the whole of our society. It seems we are plagued with violence and ungodliness. However, we who are God’s people, saved people who believe and trust the Lord, have access to more than just the news media. We can petition the God of the universe through prayer and make our desires known to He who can do something about them.

If you will notice, our government officials always have a new plan for stopping all of the crime and the violence. They have programs for everything and all they need is some more money for their new program. Usually they get what they want but the crime and the violence and all the rest continues on unchecked. The reason for this is simple. Government and programs are not the answer. They never have been and never will be. They are the “ever learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth” crowd.

The answer to the plagues on our society is found in the last three verses of this chapter. {, & 17}

If children were exposed to the Holy scriptures that are inspired of God for the purpose of instruction in righteousness as men or as adults, they would be thoroughly furnished unto all good works.

Simple isn’t it?

-Bro. Bill Forde